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The new Lubelska Ananasowa (Pineapple) is all about freshness and character!

The noteworthy sweetness of the new Lubelska enhanced by the citrus bitterness originates straight from the natural pineapple juice – the basis that it is grounded on. However, don’t get fooled by its sweetness. The Lubelska Ananasowa conceals a striking fierceness.

A cocktail composed of this vodka mixed with apple juice or sprite is a mouthful of true invigoration with a surprising sweet-and-bitter finish. However, the Lubelska Ananasowa is not just a component for drinks, it tastes marvellously also when served without any extras, just on the rocks.

A fresh pineapple is a luxurious dessert fruit above all. It perfectly suits juices, compotes and jams. It is used to produce wine and, as it turns out, also vodkas. The new flavour was created mostly with a view to the approaching warm months; however, this pineapple novelty is suitable for everyone who is looking for an exotic and a pleasant flavour all year round.

The Lubelska Ananasowa is the eighth flavour variant in the Lubelska family – the leader of the flavoured vodkas on the Polish market (share 32.82%, Top 5 Brands volume share in flavoured vodka, Nielsen February 2013).

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