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Gold award for Health & Safety at Baltic Distillery

We are proud to announce that the Baltic Distillery has received a BGN award for its strong focus on health and safety.

​BGN is a professional association for food and hospitality in Germany and it issues awards each year to companies whose health and safety practices go above and beyond the minimum legal requirements. 

Within the Stock Spirits Group, creating a safe and healthy working environment is our number one priority and it's a key part of our overall Planet, People, Processes strategy. We continually strive to ensure that we have world-class safety practices and, even more importantly, that safety is embedded as a core value within our company culture, guiding everything that we do. Therefore, it's great to see that our efforts and achievements have been officially recognised by the prestigious BGN certificate. 

Commenting on the award, Florian Scheffler, Managing Director of Baltic Distillery, said: 

"The health and safety of our people, and others who come into contact with our business, is of the utmost importance to us and is an area that we will never compromise on.  Our team at Baltic have been working hard to ensure continual improvement of our health and safety practices, so it is good to receive recognition from an independent industry body such as BGN for our high standards."

View the certificate HERE.

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