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Limoncè on-air with new campaign

Today sees the launch of a new campaign for Limoncè that encourages us to celebrate the bonds that really matter in our lives.

Limoncè, the best-selling* limoncello in Italy and the World, has returned to talk to its loyal consumers and reach out to new ones with a brand new commercial. 

The campaign supports the brand's ambition to encourage us to recognise and celebrate those people who play a central role in our lives, people who make us feel good and with whom we have created a bond that really matters – and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of Limoncè to close a meal together? 

The film shows a yellow ribbon that springs from Limoncè, representing the bond that unites the friends in the commercial. The ribbon calls to them and brings them together in an entertaining race to the moment of reunion.  

On-air now, the campaign will run throughout the summer period with commercials of different lengths on both TV and digital.  

"For all those who seek and find each other. For those who are always there. Limoncè is there."

To view the commerical visit:


Source : IWSR : Italy and global volume sales to end December 2020

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