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Stock Slovensko collaborate with University of Economics in Bratislava

Students from the University of Economics in Bratislava (EUBA) teamed up with Stock Slovensko as part of their work experience for their third year bachelor’s degree.

Our colleagues in Stock Slovensko recently completed a semester of collaboration with third year Business in Commerce students at EUBA, offering them the opportunity to work across a variety of business functions as part of their work experience. 

The 16 students were able to gain valuable experience as they worked through the process of developing a new vodka product, resulting in some innovative and creative solutions on product development, pricing, distribution, product sales and marketing.  

Both parties have been extremely positive about the collaboration. "Students were conscientious both in attending lectures and in the preparation of projects. We were very impressed by their creativity and knowledge", commented Lucia Lunáková, Trade Marketing Manager at Stock Slovensko. 

The Stock Slovensko team feel the collaboration has generated an independent view on the direction of New Product Development in the future. "We believe that working together will bear fruit in the form of new products and solutions that we will integrate into our New Product Development pipeline", revealed Tomáš Matuška, Brand Manager of Stock Slovensko. 

A rewarding experience for everyone involved, particularly given the challenging circumstances created by the pandemic.

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