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2015 International Taste & Quality Institute panel delighted by Stock Spirits’ vodkas

The International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), is a panel drawn from amongst the most experienced members of prestigious culinary associations and sommeliers in the world. During blind tests, the jurors evaluate all the attributes of the distilled beverage, including its taste and aftertaste, purity, aroma and the general impression.  

In 2015 the panel awarded its most prestigious Crystal Taste Award, to Stock Spirits’ brand Orkisz Vodka.

The iTQi only grants the Crystal Taste Award to products that win the Superior Taste Award three years in a row - three gold stars for excellent quality. To gain all three gold stars, the score for all assessed taste and quality attributes assigned by the jury must exceed 90%. This special award and the jury’s recognition was won by Orkisz Vodka - a unique vodka made from the ancient spelt wheat grain, a three-times winner of the gold medal.

Orkisz Vodka is produced in small batches, using selected grain grown beneath the  Orkisz  mountains which give the brand its name, using the process of slow distillation, to produce an incomparably smooth, subtle and unique taste. Chilling it to 4–6 degrees celsius brings out the best qualities and properties of this vodka.

Orkisz Vodka was not the only Stock Spirits brand to achieve recognition from the iTQi panel in 2015. Stock Spirits new top premium vodka Amundsen Expedition received the descriptor “Outstanding” from the panel of judges and was awarded two golden stars.

Amundsen Expedition vodka is best served chilled to zero degrees celsius to fully open up its taste. Serving it in this manner brings out all of its best features. Smoothness, purity (it contains natural glacier water) and distinctive flavour. Amundsen Expedition vodka has been created in honour of one of the greatest and boldest adventures of the 20th century: The Amundsen expedition to the South Pole which set out in 1911.

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