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Stock Prestige Gin - a new premium brand for gin connoisseurs

The most popular type of gin in the world is London Dry, a style that set the quality standards for gins globally. Today, a new premium brand for gin connoisseurs joins this fine tradition - Stock Prestige Gin.

This new gin was inspired by a unique, traditional, London Dry recipe. In accordance with the art of preparing this 40% a.b.v. spirit, it is produced by slow distillation which allows the gin to combine the strong fragrance of juniper in balanced harmony with hints of herbs and citrus. Thanks to our distiller’s art, Stock Prestige Gin is delicate, elegant and tastes great.

Classic and dry, Stock Prestige Gin’s appeal lies not only in its flavour but also in its packaging, packed in a slim multi-angular green bottle, which stands out from the crowd.

Priced at a premium and designed to appeal to discerning drinkers, Stock Prestige Gin provides an excellent base for many cocktails and goes well with various mixers, of which the most popular remains the classic gin and tonic. 

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