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Lubelska Mango - a refreshing new flavour joins the range

Stock Polska has expanded its colourful Lubelska range with a completely new, tropical flavour variant - Lubelska Mango.

An appealing proposition for lovers of sweeter and refreshing drinks, which embodies the brand’s "Live colourfully" communication platform, Lubelska Mango is available in three formats - 100ml, 200ml and 500ml.

Tropical vibes
Lubelska stands out from the crowd not only through its wide and innovative range of flavours, but also by its high growth - as much as 12.9%*. Consumers of flavoured alcohols in Poland love to experience new tastes, which is why Stock Polska regularly rotates its range with new variants. This season, it launches Lubelska Mango - which calls to mind hot, sunny times on a holiday island. Thanks to the balanced sweetness and 30% alcohol content, combined with the natural, refreshing taste, Lubelska Mango works well in traditional shots and as a base for light drinks.

Live colourfully with Lubelska
Lubelska started the year with a new communication - LIVE COLOURFULLY. The slogan is a direct reference to the brand’s rich range of flavours and colours, plus an invitation to its unique world - a land of eternal parties, an explosion of colours and flavours, created for the "young at heart".

*Source : Nielsen - Retail Panel, Total Poland Off Trade value sales growth, MAT March 2020, category: flavoured vodka

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