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Lubelska range relaunched in new look packaging

Changes in society in Poland are prompting greater consumption by female and younger adult drinkers and these consumers seek different tastes and lower alcohol levels to those available historically. Flavoured spirits and relatively lower alcohol by volume spirits are growing faster than traditional spirits in Poland currently as females and younger adult drinkers seek easy drinkability and tastes which appeal to mixed gender groups of friends. There is also a growing desire for innovation and novelty as these consumers see their drinks choice as a means of self-expression and want to drink new and different flavours.

From the end of September, Lubelska, a leading and innovative brand in the flavoured vodka based liqueurs category in Poland, will be available in new look packaging. The new look is designed to enhance its appeal as an ideal party starter, whilst enabling it to look the part as an accompaniment to more elegant occasions, as the new bottle and label look great on the dinner table.

Lubelska is a brand which has long set the trends for flavoured spirits innovation in Poland, well known for its wide variety of flavours, bright, fun and colourful character and wide variety of versatile pack sizes. In order to better express the character of the brand, Stock Polska has refreshed its image.

How has it changed? The 500ml bottle has a new more imposing shape, which better communicates the product’s quality with a more sophisticated appearance. 

The new look range includes something special for consumers who prefer the smaller bottles. From the relaunch, the 200ml Lubelska bottle will be identical in shape to its half-litre counterpart.  The rebranding will also include changes to the label, making it more legible with greater emphasis on its fruity flavours that capture the brands ability to bring colour to any occasion. 

“The rebranding is Stock Polska's answer to rising consumer expectations. The new design reflects the main attributes of the brand – its quality, range of fruity flavours, and ability to bring colour to any occasion. Thanks to the new bottle and label design, Lubelska will also look the part at more formal gatherings, increasing breadth of usage.” said Karolina Wróblewska, Senior Brand Manager, Stock Polska.

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