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Stock Spirits Group Brands in Top Global Rankings

Stock Spirits Group (SSG), Central Europe’s leading branded spirits and liqueurs business, is delighted to announce that it owns the top two fastest growing vodka brands in the world in 2009 following the publication of the Millionaires 2010 rankings.*

Czysta de Luxe shot to prominence in 2009 as the fastest growing vodka brand globally after a record breaking year which saw the Polish vodka record 188% growth as 5.39 million 9 litre cases were sold. SSG also obtained second spot in the rankings as 1906 vodka burst into the Millionaires Club rankings for the first time, achieving sales of 1.39 million 9 litre cases with 67.5% growth from 2008 to 2009.

1906, a clear vodka which is produced through a process of quadruple distillation, was created to honour the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the original spirit production plant in Lublin – Rektyfikacja Lubelska. Since launch in 2006, 1906 has gone from strength to strength, commanding 6%** clear vodka market share in Poland while also being SSG’s third best selling vodka behind Czysta de Luxe and their market leading flavoured vodka Zoladkowa Gorzka.

Czysta de Luxe is the market leading clear vodka in Poland with 19%** market share and has surged into the global list of Top 20 selling vodkas. It has already taken 8th place in this global list and is the youngest vodka in the top 10.

Commenting on the results, Chris Heath, Chief Executive Officer of Stock Spirits Group, said: “We knew that Czysta de Luxe had enjoyed an excellent 2009 but these results confirm the exceptional success of this brand when compared to the performance of its peers and against a backdrop of tough trading conditions in 2009. It is also very encouraging to see 1906 vodka entering the Millionaires Club for the first time and becoming the second fastest vodka brand globally. These results justify our strategy of investing in new and exciting brands in Central and Eastern Europe.”

* Millionaires 2010

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