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Lubelska Three Grain vodka – selected for superior flavour

For years, the Lublin vodka distillery has been known for producing excellent clear and flavoured vodkas.  It is here that master distillers have created the biggest market hits.  Such a long tradition and extensive experience enable the distillery to launch new products which quickly become Polish consumers’ favourites.  The latest addition is Lubelska Trzy Zboża [Lubelska Three Grain].

The distillery, Rektyfikacja Lubelska – presently Stock Polska, has been operating continuously since 1906.  It was established by young Emil Plage and quickly gained renown due to the top-quality Lublin spirit that it produced and which today can still be found on shop shelves.  The art of creating excellent recipes that have been finessed over years and the rectification processes, true to tradition and meticulously supervised by the masters, have formed the foundation for success for the best-recognised vodkas in Poland: Żołądkowa Gorzka and Lubelska Cytrynówka.  And it is an interest in new flavours and the wish to create novel beverages that have prompted the Lublin distillers to prepare a recipe not seen on the market to date.  Thus, the launch of a new vodka based on three varieties of grain – Lubelska Trzy Zboża.

This new pure, clear vodka is the result of many months of testing, trials and, above all, the excellent skills of the master distillers, who have refined their knowledge throughout their lives. The secret of the recipe lies in the careful selection of the three varieties of grain to bring out their outstanding individual qualities, while their properly balanced proportions guarantee a unique smoothness and mildness. This is the first time that three different varieties of grain have been combined, with their flavour characteristics blending together to produce the extraordinary flavour of this pure vodka. Wheat and barley give it neutrality and strength, while corn brings smoothness and mildness. Stock Polska is the first company to attempt to combine three such different ingredients in a vodka on such a large scale.

For the first time, the label on the Lubelska vodka bottle bears the image of fully ripe ears of grain as opposed to fruit.  And, the Lubelska vodka range has grown to include a pure, clear variant.

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