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Limoncè is the best-selling limoncello brand in Italy and the number 1 limoncello in the world.

It is a classic Italian liqueur made to a traditional recipe.  The zest of the finest sun-drenched Italian lemon peel is infused in sugar and alcohol to produce a pleasantly sweet aromatic liquid, bursting with intense lemon fragrance and flavour. Produced in Italy, Limoncè is free from artificial ingredients.

The essence of Limonce is joyful socialization. Its sunny, sociable personality and light taste (25% abv) make it easy drinking for everyone and have won the brand over 7 million Italian drinkers2

Limoncè is an important element of seasonal gifting occasions at Easter and Christmas, when it is made available in gift-boxes and often given by Italians to their hosts as a celebratory present at family gatherings.

The brand offers a range of three variants, Classic Limoncè (limoncello), Crema Limoncè (blended with cream) and Amaro Limoncè (herbal bitter).

Classic Limoncè is ideally served icy cold as an after-dinner drink, or with a mixer. It is the perfect anytime natural refresher

Crema Limoncè combines the lively taste of the best Italian lemons blended with the velvety goodness of cream, offering a unique taste that springs from the natural balance of freshness and creaminess. Best served chilled over ice, it is an excellent topping with ice cream or as an enticing cream liqueur cocktail base.

Amaro Limoncè results from a perfect harmony of herbal bitters with the refreshing sweetness of Italian lemons and combines the digestive properties of both to deliver an enjoyably pleasant and delicate flavour. It is an infusion of more than 30 herbs, aromatic roots and flowers (among them: gentian, juniper, dittamo, angelica, china, cera, thyme, coriander), which are carefully selected and blended in the right proportions, according to a unique recipe, and then to which a separate lemon peel infusion is added. Limoncè Amaro is best consumed straight at room temperature or can be served cold, according to personal preference.


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