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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Please see below for the Group’s total Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 2 (indirect) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. This is a 6.88% decrease compared to last year.

The emissions intensity for the financial year decreased by 4.59% as set out below. This decrease is due to a number of contributing factors; first the lower alcohol production volume at our Baltic Distillery relative to the prior 12 month period due to damage to the dryer unit and secondly, Baltic reduced its coal, gas, oil and electricity consumption which resulted in a decrease in emissions intensity at Group level. Baltic’s core activity is energy-intensive rectification, which is why it accounted for 76% of total Group emissions in the financial year. Additionally, the bottling facility in the Czech Republic decreased diesel, gas and electricity consumption, positively impacting the total GHG emissions.

The production of finished product in the Czech Republic reduced compared to the previous year, due to COVID-19 and to the production of two products moving away from the Czech Republic, to factories located in Poland and Italy.

In Poland, the consumption of diesel and gasoline in business cars was reduced due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The data also reflects the increase in finished goods production due to the increased use of the rectification line at the Lublin bottling plant.

As in prior years, for Scope 1 emissions sources we have applied the latest available DEFRA UK location based conversion factors (2020) and for Scope 2 we used country specific electricity factors from IEA (2018 figures from the IEA 2020 Report) to calculate the current year total emissions.

The 2020 energy and GHG emissions data have undergone independent limited assurance by ERM Certification and Verification Services (ERM CVS).

The Independent Assurance Statement from ERM Certification and Verification Services is available here (PDF 0.26MB).

Greenhouse gas emissions (Tonnes (T) of CO2e)

  2020 2019
Scope 1 (direct) 31,794 34,375
Scope 2 (indirect) 8,833 9,255
Total 40,627 43,630

Greenhouse gas emissions by gram/litre of product sold (CO2e)

2020 2019
332 348

Additional Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Stock Spirits is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a UK incorporated entity classified as a quoted company. New energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting regulations apply to all UK incorporated large entities from 1 April 2019. In line with the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework, the Company is required to report mandatory metrics in the first financial year (Oct 2019–Sept 2020) under the Directors' Report in the ARA. This year SSG reported the below emissions from activities for which SSG are responsible:

  • GHG Emissions (Annual Scope 1 and 2)
  • Energy Consumption including all sources (underlying global energy use 442,917 GJ, the UK proportion 0.04% of global energy consumption and GHG emissions)
  • At least one intensity ratio (CO2 per produced finished good).

For 2020:

  • Total Energy (GJ) 442,917 GJ
  • % of UK to total emissions (CO2e) 0.03%
  • % of UK to total energy (GJ) 0.04%.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) disclosure

During 2019 we adopted the SASB standards for the Alcoholic Beverages Sector and have been working this year to enhance the data provided within our next report which will be published on our website in January 2021 and can be found at

As we seek to further enhance our reporting of environmental initiatives, we aim to report under the TCFD framework by 2022, and to link our initiatives to the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals during 2021. Please see the sustainability section of our website for further information on our initiatives.