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Stock Polska introduces new premium Amundsen Expedition vodka

Stock Spirits Group has launched a new expression of its Amundsen Vodka brand in the growing top premium vodka segment, to honour the achievement of the famous Amundsen Expedition which set out in 1911 to conquer the South Pole.   [Amundsen Expedition packshot]

Named Amundsen Expedition, the new top premium vodka celebrates the spirit of adventure and the pristine, primal purity of the South Pole.  

Amundsen Expedition should be served almost frozen, chilled to 0ºC to be enjoyed at its best. Serving it this way brings out its best features: extreme purity (the vodka contains crystal clear glacial water) exceptional smoothness and a characterful flavour which captures the extreme purity of the South Pole, a world of challenge and adventure.  

The crystal-clear frozen landscape of the southern pole also inspired the unique, impactful blue glass “ice brick” bottle designed exclusively forAmundsen Expedition to reflect the extreme purity of the vodka.  

At 40% abv. with a recommended retail price of 48.90 PLN for a 70cl bottle, Amundsen Expedition is now available in the retail off trade, on trade and Polish duty free channels where it is supported by a heavy weight sampling campaign, in store point of sale light boxes and display units.

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