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Stock Prestige

Stock Prestige is a premium luxury vodka launched in Poland in 2009. It combines Stock’s enormous experience over 135 years producing top quality spirits with the most recent technological advancements at our Lublin distillery.

With over 1.5 million regular drinkers1 in Poland, Stock Prestige is a millionaire brand, selling over 1.7 million 9 litre equivalent cases per annum.  It is the number one brand in the premium segment of the Polish vodka market, achieving double digit CAGR growth over the last 5 years, a growth rate almost three times that of the total vodka category.2

Stock Prestige vodka is produced using only the finest selected ingredients, including a high percentage of barley. Its six-step distillation process with additional chilled filtration results in a high-quality vodka with an exceptionally smooth taste.

The aroma is soft on the nose with a slight butter note coming through plus hints of sweet cream and flour. Its taste is clean on the palate, the high barley content creating a slight spiciness to the finish with a powdered sugar and mineral accented fade. It has an elegant mouth-feel of light cereals.

Stock Prestige is a multiple award winning vodka, most recently in 2020 receiving a Gold Quality Award from Monde Selection Quality Institute for quality, taste and craftsmanship, a Gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge, a Silver medal and a special certificate confirming the highest production standards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition plus a Bronze medal awarded by the International Wine and Spirit Competition.  

The brand’s personality is self-confident and aspirational with a contemporary, international feel. Aimed primarily at young adult urban drinkers who perceive the brand as an affirmation of their success and status, it is cosmopolitan, exclusive and ambitious.

Its high quality and premium packaging make Stock Prestige a consumer favourite at special occasions such as weddings and special events where they want to impress their guests. An excellent base for cocktails, as well as when served chilled in traditional shots, Stock Prestige is also available in a number of flavoured variants, Citron, Cranberry and Grapefruit, in which the refreshing taste of bitter-sweet fruit complements the smoothness of the vodka.

The brand has been promoted consistently over time using limited editions in unique premium packaging, including Stock Prestige Carbon, Stock Prestige Monaco and most recently Stock Prestige Gold, celebrating the brand’s Gold awards from Monde Selection and the International Spirts Challenge.


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